I buy real estate for cash and can close in 72 hours of an accepted offer.”

Maybe you are considering to sell your home now because it is ugly and needs repair, or maybe you just want to sell your house now because you are moving out of town. Whatever the reason for wanting to sell real estate for fast cash, you will need to get and accept a offer from an investor you can trust. Read below for benefits of accepting a cash offer on your house.

It is estimated that out of four houses sold, one is sold to cash buyers.  As the statistics proves 25% of people sell their house for cash. But is it really the best offer you can get? Keep reading you are going to find out all about that. Spoiler alert….it is especially if you want to sell your house FAST!

The advantages and disadvantages of cash sales

There are always investors interested in buying your house, if you just type in sell my home now on google you are going to see lots of places wanting to make you an offer to buy your house for cash. And most of their offers are going to range from 40-60% of After Repair Value of what your property could be worth after it was renovated.

It will really depend on real estate market in your properties region, amount of money and time to renovate, and other things affecting the price of houses selling in your neighborhood.

With the price of the offers that you will receive mostly being similar in the dollar amount, something’s you should take into consideration also are, how fast you can get money, are inspections required, cost of closing, and what is the investor going to do with the property and profit.

In recent years the internet has made it even faster to sell your house, and easier. To better understand why it is better to think about more than just the price of your property when you sell your house for cash. Let us look at some benefits of accepting a fast cash offer.

Cash buyers are way faster than using the MLS and Agent.

Let’s be real you have no idea how many days it will take to sell your house the traditional way? If you choose to go this route with an agent and MLS or even the for sale by owner (FSBO) it could take you several months and there is no guarantee that you are going to get the price you list your property for, or even find a buyer that can close quickly.

  But assuming you have the perfect price for the house and it attracts customers, it will take you an average of 2 and half months to get your house listing created and close a deal once you find a buyer.

So two weeks for the listing, then however long it takes to find a buyer, and then it will take you another a month or 2 months in closing the deal. That is assuming everything runs smoothly. This is not a great method for anyone searching “sell my home fastto even think about.

 When it comes to selling your house fast a cash buyer can get you money for your property in 7 days if they are quick. Generally, once you submit their form you can be sure of getting an offer to buy your house within 72 hours or less, and accepting an offer get cash in your bank account in 7 days or less. This is the method is great for anyone looking to sell their house fast.

Save money of real estate commissions and closing fees

When it comes to selling your house the traditional way with an agent, there are usually a lot of fees involved. People who prefer selling their house on the market, tell themselves that it will make them more money than selling it in cash but if you look at the bigger picture, that might not be the case always be the case.

To start with you will have to pay the real agent a commission which is usually around 6% and as if that is not enough, you will have to pay for closing costs which AVG 3%, mortgage tax, insurance, holding costs, inspection costs and appraisals among other costs may be some fees you will pay as the seller.

But when it comes to selling your house for cash there should be no cost involved for you. A good cash buyer usually only needs you to agree to a price and within a short time you will have sold your house, and the buyer pays a title company. No fees, No commissions, just fast cash! So if you are thinking I need to sell my house now, selling your house to a cash buyer is a way to save thousands on commissions and fees.

You can sell your house as is, No inspections needed

In most cases when you are thinking of selling your house for cash your home will be needing some repairs. Maybe it is the bathtub or it is the roof that is leaking. Whatever the problem, you will need to do those repairs before putting it on the market, that is if you are going to sell it with a Realtor.

If you aren’t going to make those repairs or you might not even have enough money for the repairs, either way if those repairs aren’t made there is no reason to list it with an agent because the only people who will be able to buy your house are cash buyers since banks won’t lender on most houses needing repairs. And most homebuyers are using conventional lenders to buy a home.

So if your house is in need of some serious repairs like replacing your heating and cooling system, floors, walls, and foundations can be very expensive and cash buyers are going to be your only buyers in most cases.

But you will not need to worry about repairs and inspections if you sell your house to a cash buyer. Good cash buyers will send his inspector to come and check out for free or require no inspection at all. Using an investor all the repairs will be handled by the buyer saving you the hassle of having to repair your house yourself.

No hold up on financing when using cash buyers

One of the main reasons why it can takes months to sell your house is, whenever there is a bank involved they will cause delay because your timeline does not really matter to them, once they are involved you work with their timeline.

But when it comes to selling your house to a good cash buyer you can be sure to get an offer within 2 days usually and the deal will be closed within 7 days of accepting the offer, and you get your cash deposited in your bank account or check from escrow. Since no bank financing is involved there is also no chance for the deal not close or fall apart because of issues or complications with the bank.

There is a possibility to receive an option to rent back the house

Sometimes you do not want to sell your home because you are moving or it is in need of major repairs. Sometimes it can be purely because you are seriously broke and you are in need of a large sum of money and probably cannot get a loan because of past or current circumstances. The only option may be to sell your house fast for cash in order pay bills or for an emergency.

If that’s you, you don’t need to panic about having to leave your home and place you used to living, because when you sell your house to the best cash buyers you are likely to have an option to rent it using cash from the deal. You will not need to move out, the only difference will be that you don’t own the house. This makes selling your house for cash to the right buyer very convenient for those who would to stay on the property.

What is important in a cash offer on a home to you

If you are considering selling your house fast for cash, you can surely get many offer, but if you want an offer from a company who cares about your wellbeing, and donates 10% of all profits to help children all over the world out of poverty, then Investment Group Properties is the place to sell your house fast for cash. Fill out the form to get an offer to buy your house fast, accept the cash offer, and you got yourself a deal and money in 7 days. Submit the form and get a cash offer in 72 hours or less!